Meet Ophelia.  She is 19" tall, made with osnaburg which has been painted and lightly sanded to look aged.  She is stuffed with a combination of cotton stuffing and rags for a weighted and old timey feel.  Her nose and lips are needle sculpted, and facial features painted with acrylics.  Ophelia's hair is natural sheep curly locks.

She is holding an old coin purse which will go with the doll, however the chair and rug do not go with her.  $48 plus shipping


The Angel Anna measures 40" from the top of head to the bottom of her dress.  Her body measures 33" from head to toe, so her gown extends beyond her feet.  She is made from quality cotton which has been tea dyed, her nose is needle sculpted, has button eyes, and embroidery brows and mouth.  Angel Anna's hair is untwisted sisal rope.

Her dress and bloomers are newly made using vintage textiles and her wings are made of twigs and grapevine, a lace bow at her neck and a rusty star finishes her embellishment. 

She would make a great wall hanging to enhance a room full of antiques, down a hallway, on the front door at Christmas or 'keeping watch' in a child's room.  $75 plus shipping.


Mercedes Boudreaux is a hard working woman and a respected elder in her Cajun community.  She has put 3 of her 5 children thru college and continues to earn money so the  other two will have successful lives when they leave her nest.

Mercedes wears her grandma's brooch; it isn't expensive but family and hand-me-down heirlooms are very important to her.  And she will then pass it on to her eldest daughter.

She measures 27", is made of linen spun cotton which has been painted and lightly sanded.  Mercedes has a needle sculpted nose and toes on both feet.  Her eyes and lips have been painted using acrylics.  Yes, she has eyes and lips but didn't realize the flash didn't go off until I got ready to post this picture.  She can hang or sit.

$65 plus shipping.


Long Tall Sally could have been the inspiration for the name of that song.  She is 29" long, has long limbs and as you can see has big hands and fingers.  She would have done the USA proud as an Olympics basketball competitor for sure.

Her body is made of cotton which has been painted and lightly sanded.  Sally has button eyes and running stitch nose with a stitched mouth.  Her hair is natural sheep's wool. 

 $45 plus shipping.

These Sewphie's are a hoot and can be used as shelf sitters or wall hangers.  Use them as pincushions, to hang a tape measure and scissors on ,or for your pin and jewelry. 

These gals have spools of floss as earrings and straight pins in their mouths.  Each of them has natural lambs wool hair and button eyes.

$25 plus shipping.


Fannie is made of osnaburg which has been painted and lightly sanded for an aged and worn look.

She is 23 1/2" tall, wears bloomers cotton dress and apron.  Her bonnet is stripe cotton and is secured to her head with jute twine.  She holds a rusty tin star, and has a ribbon hanger in the back so she may hang on the wall or sit.  $45 plus shipping.

Cecelia is 23" tall, made of tea dyed quality muslin and stuffed with fiberfill.  Her nose is needle sculpted, facial features are drawn on.  The arms are sewn with rags tied at the shoulder for a primitive look.

Cecelia's hair is clean sheep's wool, wears a black cotton knit bonnet and brown knit skirt which is stitched around her waist.

The pincushion she holds is 5 1/2" tall, checked tan and cream homespun outside with blue and tan stripe inside w/fold.  Weighted sand in the bottom and sawdust at the top, with pins, buttons and safety pins embellishing.  A Netty design, Cecelia and her pincushion are $55 plus shipping

Amelia is a rug hooker extraordinaire and proudly holds her little mat she hooked.  Amelia is 33" tall, made with woven cotton fabric which was tea dyed for an aged look, and stuffed with fiberfill.  She has button eyes, attached nose and embroidered mouth.  The hat has been painted with acrylics and embellished with flowers along the brim.

Her dress is cotton, has a lighter cotton torn strip for neck bow, and bloomers are cotton with lace at the bottom.  The doll is a Kindred Spirits design, mini-rug my design and both were made by me.  Amelia and her rug can be yours for $75 plus train fare to your town.

This primitive Susie Homemaker measures 18" from head to feet.  She is made with quality cotton and has been tea dyed for an olden look.  Her face is photo enhanced on the cloth and her shoes have been painted and lightly sanded for an aged look.  Neither chair nor rug included

Can be yours for $45 plus shipping. 



 This is Mercy; the Angel of Mercy. Mercy is 23" tall, her body is made of a black rayon twill sort of fabric with her outer dress, bloomers and wings made of cotton.  Her lips are fabric stitched in a mouth shape as many vintage dolls wee done, button eyes and running stitch for nose and brows.  Mercy's hair is torn rayon twill fabric with a cotton bow.  She can hang or sit.

$35 plus shipping.





The Appliqué Doll Quilt measures 18" wide and 26 1/2" from top of sleeve to bottom, or 24 1/2" for just the quilt area.  It is hard to see but on the black left most panel there are  hearts in dark red in a primitive running stitch.

A cute wall hanging in a sewing room, child's room or remove the sleeve and use it on a table top.  $60 plus shipping.



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